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Avignon Library

Other Available Options

Additional Adjustable Shelf/Shelves (at upcharge)

Avignon Library

Features storage in each side with a total of 12 small adjustable shelves, 2 adjustable shelves for top section, and 1 adjustable shelf for bottom section.

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Item Number: AL84

Exterior Dimensions

65-3/4 W x 84 H x 17-1/2 D

Interior Dimensions

Top: 46-1/2 W x 43-3/4 H x 12-1/2 D
Bottom (behind doors): 46-1/2 W x 23-3/4 H x 12-1/2 D
2 Sides: 10-1/4 W x 69-1/2 H x 5-1/4 D

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