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Cambridge Entertainment Center

Other Available Options

TV Swivel/Pullout (at upcharge) - Unit must be mounted to the wall for use with TV Swivel/Pullout.

Additional Adjustable Shelf/Shelves (at upcharge)

Cambridge Entertainment Center

Intended for use as an entertainment center, this unit comes standard with upper pocketdoors, a removable double VCR bridge, 4 adjustable shelves for lower center section, and it is drilled for TV/component wires in upper and lower center sections. It also has 8 adjustable shelves with plate grooves for the left and right units.

TV sits 43-1/4 H from floor with removable VCR bridge, 32-1/2 H from floor without removable VCR bridge.

Center back removable cutout is 34-1/2 W x 39 H.

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Item Number: CE86

Exterior Dimensions

Assembled: 114-3/4 W x 86 H x 29 D
Center Unit Only: 53-1/2 W x 86 H x 29 D
L/R Units Only: 33-1/4 W x 76 H x 17-1/4 D

Interior Dimensions

Top center above VCR bridge: 37-1/2 W x 33-3/4 H x 23-1/2 D (at opening)
2 VCR bridge openings: 34-1/2 W x 4-5/8 H x 21 D
2 lower center sections: 20-1/8 W x 25 H x 23-3/4 D (at opening)
Side left/right units: 23-1/2 W x 61 H x 11-7/8 D (at opening)

Available Standard Sizes

Available as CE86C-Center Section Only.

Shipping Options

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