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Milford Counter Stool with Woven Seat

Milford Counter Stool with Woven Seat

Features woven seat.

Seat is 17-1/2 W x 15-1/2 D, and sits 25 H from floor.

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Item Number: MS24W

Exterior Dimensions

20-1/4 W x 40-1/2 H x 19-1/4 D

Available Standard Sizes

MS24W-Milford Counter Stool w/Woven Seat
MS24WW-Milford Counter Stool w/Wood Seat

MS30W-Milford Bar Stool w/Woven Seat
MS30WW-Milford Bar Stool w/Wood Seat

MC1W-Milford Side Chair w/Woven Seat
MC1WW-Milford Side Chair w/Wood Seat

MC2W-Milford Armchair w/Woven Seat
MC2WW-Milford Armchair w/Wood Seat

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