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Distress Options

Standard Distressing

All surfaces are sanded for smoothness. On a painted finish, there will be worn spots where the wood shows through the paint, antiquing, wormholes, peeled paint, visible knots, nicks, and scratches. On a stained finish, there are wormholes, visible knots, nicks, and scratches. There is no bare wood showing on stained finishes.

All pieces ordered in Standard Colors come with Standard Distressing unless Light Distressing is requested.

Light Distressing

All surfaces are sanded for smoothness and there will be a slight rub-through on the sharp edges. Intentional nicks, dents, wormholes, scratches, and peeled paint are not applied to light distressing. However, minor wood imperfections and natural wood grain may still be visible. The finished color may appear slightly lighter than it does if ordered with standard distressing, due to lack of wood rub-through and glazing. Cottage Colors are only available with Light Distressing. As we do not combine distress levels, if you choose to combine Standard Colors with Cottage Colors on the same unit, the Standard Colors will be finished with Light Distressing.

With either distress level, eventual crackling, shrinking, non-threatening cracks, visible knots, and grain variances are the acceptable end-results of our finishing process. In addition, construction joints and seams may be visible. This is normal and is considered part of our finish.

No Distressing

All surfaces are sanded for smoothness. With no distress, your piece will be painted with the selected paint without distress to change its appearance.