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General Information

What is the David Lee product warranty?

All David Lee product is warranted against manufacturer defect for one year from the date of original purchase from the factory. Defect returns will not be accepted without prior authorization, and defective merchandise will be replaced as closely as possible with like style and finish, at the discretion of the factory.

Photographs must be emailed to the factory for approval before return or replacement authorization can be issued.

Please note that shrinking, non-threatening cracks, visible knots and eventual crackling of the finish are not considered defects, as they are the acceptable end results of our finishing process. This is normal and is considered part of our antiqued finish.

Any alterations or modifications to David Lee furniture renders any warranty null and void.

What is the David Lee return policy?

Due to the custom nature of our product, David Lee does not accept any returns. As such, order confirmations must be carefully reviewed for errors. There will be no returns for errors not noted prior to shipment. These errors/changes must be noted in writing on the face of the order confirmation (as provided by the factory) and faxed to the factory for correction. Please note that you will receive a revised order confirmation requiring your signature for each change made to your order after it has been entered into our system. Changes not confirmed in writing by the factory will not have been made to your order.

Damaged merchandise will be replaced with like style/color, provided that the damage/loss/delivery policy is followed at the time of delivery. Defective merchandise, as determined by the factory, will also be replaced as closely as possible with like style/color. David Lee is not responsible for finishes, hardware, etc., not available at time of replacement.

How long after you receive my final payment will my order ship?

We will send you a “Request For Payment” approximately 4 weeks prior to your estimated ship date. You must make this payment immediately (by either check or credit card) to keep your order on schedule. Failure to submit timely payment will delay your order.

Typically, your order will ship approximately 20 business days from the time we receive your final payment.

Final production consists of final assembly, finishing, and packaging for shipment.

Custom orders can take longer than 20 business days from receipt of final payment.

Your estimated ship date is adjusted based on the number of orders in the final production stage at the time we receive your final payment. We do not notify if orders are delayed, so please call for status.

Does David Lee require a deposit?

Yes, David Lee requires a 50% deposit at the time you place your order. This deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your order.

David Lee requires a 50% deposit at the time you place your order for all custom-quoted items. This deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your order.

Payment for the balance will be required about 5 weeks prior to your estimated ship date. We will send a “Request For Payment” when we are ready to schedule your order for production. At that time, you will have to submit payment in full immediately to keep the order on schedule. As all items are built and finished to your requirements, your order does not proceed to final production until we receive payment in full. For your protection, you should require a deposit from your client for their custom order, as deposits are NOT refundable should your client choose to cancel the order after you have submitted payment.

Product Information

Where is David Lee furniture manufactured?

All David Lee product is Made In USA. All furniture is manufactured and finished at our factory in Northwestern Pennsylvania. All chairs and stools are outsourced from another US company and finished at our Pennsylvania factory.

From what type of wood is David Lee furniture made?

Construction is of solid poplar and birch. In addition, we use poplar and birch veneers in certain applications. All solid wood is kiln dried. Chairs and stools are constructed using maple, birch or parawood (which is an import hardwood similar to birch and maple).

How is David Lee furniture constructed?

All David Lee furniture is bench made and hand finished to order at our factory in Pennsylvania.

All solid wood is kiln dried. Construction is of solid poplar and birch. In addition, we use poplar and birch veneers in certain applications.

All drawer boxes are constructed of 1/2″ 9-ply birch sides, and 1/4″ birch veneer bottoms, with a nail and glue lap joint. This material eliminates the shrinking, swelling and cracking often typical in large, solid wood drawers. Large drawers have metal/nylon drawer glides, while small drawers run on wood drawer glides. Consult the product detail section of this website to determine which type of glide each unit has. Cabinet backs are 1/4″ birch beadboard veneer or 1/4″ birch veneer.

All chairs and bar stools are outsourced and are constructed using maple, birch or parawood. (Parawood is an import hardwood similar to birch and maple.) The outsourced chairs and bar stools are finished at our factory to match our furniture line.

Can I alter a design or order a completely custom piece?

David Lee accommodates custom orders on a regular basis. Sketches and specifications should be faxed to our factory so a custom quote can be prepared. (Please include as much information as possible with your request so we can accurately prepare your quote.) You will be contacted by fax within several days with custom pricing. You will also be contacted if David Lee is not able to accommodate your custom request.

Please note that orders containing custom-quoted items require a 50% deposit at the time your order is placed. This deposit is non-refundable, should you cancel your order.

Will my furniture require assembly?

For the most part, David Lee furniture ships fully assembled.

David Lee is not responsible for any charges incurred if you choose to hire someone to assemble/install your furniture.

How do I care for my David Lee furniture?

As with all wood furniture, our furniture should not be exposed to moisture or heat, as this may cause damage to the finish. In addition, it is best to avoid extreme dry conditions (forced air heat, fireplace, etc.) or extreme humidity.

Placemats and coasters should be used under all dinnerware and glassware, and the furniture should only be cleaned with a furniture polish or wax and a soft cloth. If necessary, wipe lightly with a damp cloth and mild detergent, and then thoroughly dry the surface.

Do not use any cleaning products that contain ammonia.

For finishes that have been worn due to heavy usage, you may carefully apply a furniture paste wax to once again bring out the soft sheen. This paste wax may be purchased at most hardware stores and should be applied only when necessary, and not more than once a year, by following the instructions on the container.

Are the colors shown throughout this website accurate?

No. The colors shown on our website are only as accurate as your monitor and printer allow, just as the colors in the actual catalog and supplements are only as accurate as photography and printing allow.

A color sample set is available for purchase for the Standard and Cottage Colors, for a more accurate color match; however, due to our hand finishing process, we cannot guarantee exact color or distressing matches to previously ordered pieces or to color sample sets.

How accurate are the dimensions listed on the website and in the catalog?

All dimensions listed throughout are approximate due to the individual handmade nature. For the most part, dimensions are accurate to 1/4 of an inch.

Are there color samples available?

Our Standard Colors and Cottage Colors are available for purchase in a sample set. This set includes all current Standard Paint and Standard Stain samples. As paint samples can fade or darken over time, these samples are provided for comparison purposes only and not for “exact” color match.

All available colors can be viewed on our website under the “Finishes/Hardware” tab, but they are only as accurate as your monitor allows. They should be used for comparison purposes only, not for an exact color match.

As each item is individually hand finished, we cannot guarantee exact color or distressing matches to previously ordered pieces or color sample sets.

If an “exact” match is required, you must include your “David Lee” sample chip with your order and it will be matched as closely as possible. Your chip will then be returned to you with your order.

We DO NOT “match” other manufacturer paints or stains.

Can I choose my level of distressing?

David Lee offers 3 levels of distressing:

  1. Standard Distressing. On a painted finish, Standard Distressing consists of worn spots where the wood shows through the paint, antiquing, worm holes, peeled paint, visible knots, nicks and scratches. On a stained finish, Standard Distressing consists of worm holes, visible knots, nicks and scratches. No bare wood will show on a stained finish.
  2. Light Distressing. All surfaces are sanded for smoothness and there will be a slight rub-through on the sharp edges. Intentional dents, dings, nicks, wormholes, scratches, and peeled paint are NOT applied to light distress. However, minor wood imperfections and natural wood grain may still be visible. The finished color may appear slightly lighter than it does if ordered with standard distress, due to lack of wood rub-through and glazing.
  3. No Distressing. Just as it says – the paint will look as it does without and distress options to change the color.

With any distress level, eventual crackling, shrinking, non-threatening cracks, visible knots and grain variances are the acceptable end-result of our finishing process. In addition, construction joints and seams may be visible. This is normal and is considered part of our finish.

Standard Colors come with Standard Distressing, unless Light Distressing is requested.

Cottage Colors are only available with Light Distressing. As we do not combine distress levels, Standard Colors, when order in combination with Cottage Colors, will come with Light Distressing.

Shipping Information

How is David Lee furniture shipped?

We ship by Common Carrier.

Common Carrier delivery is typically curb-side, business-to-business delivery, with very little driver assistance. The driver will not carry the product up stairs, uncarton or set up the furniture. This type of service would be considered “white-glove” delivery; which we can provide, if requested. Although we can ship directly to a residence (or to a business that does not have a loading dock) with common carrier delivery, the receiver would have to help the driver hand-unload the cartons from the truck, and the receiver would be responsible for moving the cartons inside the house or business. In addition, residential delivery by common carrier can cost twice as much as commercial delivery, with no specialized services available.

If you are not in a commercial storefront with a loading dock, or should your customer or business require specialized attention at time of delivery, you may want to consider having your order shipped to a “white-glove” delivery service or receiver that will better be able to accommodate your needs.

If you decide to select your own carrier, you will need to provide the factory with the name and phone number of the carrier so we can schedule pickup at the time your order is ready.

How is David Lee furniture packaged for shipment?

The product is packaged in a double-wall corrugated carton, with a variety of internal packaging materials, depending on the item.
Shipments by Common Carrier will be stretch-wrapped to a wooden pallet. While the order will move along its route on the pallet, the driver will most likely break the stretch-wrap at delivery and remove the items from the pallet. This is especially the case when delivering to a location that does not have a forklift and/or loading dock.

Are freight charges included with the cost of my order?

No. Freight is an additional charge, and it is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Common Carrier shipments will either be shipped Freight Collect (freight is paid to the driver at the time of delivery) or 3rd Party Billing (trucking company bills the purchaser).

3rd Party Billing is applicable only when the ship-to address and the bill-to address are different.

If the ship-to address is the warehouse for the bill-to address, the order will ship Freight Collect.

How will I know when my order has shipped?

We will fax/email you immediately after your order has left our factory.

We include a copy of the bill of lading with the tracking number and number of cartons, invoice, and a reminder copy of our Damage/Loss/Delivery Policy.

Should we be unable to fax/email you this information at the time of shipment, you are still responsible for following the Damage/Loss/Delivery Policy as signed by you at the time your order was placed.

Can you ship directly to the home of my client?

Yes, we can accommodate residential deliveries; however, freight charges to a residence can be twice that of a commercial delivery, and there is very little driver-assistance. As common carrier companies do not offer any sort of “white glove” delivery, your client must be able to help the driver get the shipment off the truck, and your client is responsible for moving the items into the home and discarding all cartons. If your client requires specialized attention at the time of delivery, you should consider shipping the order to a delivery service that can better accommodate their needs.

How much will my freight charges be?

You may request a freight estimate from the factory at the time you place your order. Freight charges are determined by class of furniture, weight of furniture, destination zip code, accessorial requirements (residential, inside delivery, delivery appointment, lift gate), etc., and these charges vary by carrier.

When will my order ship?

David Lee’s normal lead time is approximately 8 to 10 weeks. You will receive a written order confirmation that has an estimated ship date on it. We get as close to that ship date as possible. Please note that this is an ESTIMATED ship date, and not a guaranteed ship date or an arrival date.

If you need your order by a certain date, please be sure to specify that date on your original order at the time it is submitted. We will get as close to that “must have by” date as possible.

We do not notify if orders are running beyond that estimated ship date, so please call for status.

How do I handle a shipping damage?

Please refer to our Damage/Loss/Delivery Policy.