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Cambridge Flat Screen TV Hutch w/Console

Other Available Options

Additional Adjustable Shelf/Shelves (at upcharge)

Cambridge Flat Screen TV Hutch w/Console

Flat screen TV hutch & console (shown w/46″ flat screen TV), with 1 adjustable shelf for above TV, 2 adjustable shelves for base unit. Beadboard back panels are drilled for wires at the bottom center of the top section, and at the top center of the base section. The base doors have seedy glass panels. There is no top-to-bottom interior divider in the base, and the shelves are full-width at approx. 46-1/4 L.

Shown with a 46″ Flat Screen TV that measures 42-1/2 W x 27 H.

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Item Number: CFS80

Exterior Dimensions

Assembled: 52 W x 80-1/4 H x 20 D
Top Only: 52 W x 48 H x 19-1/4 D
Base Only: 50 W x 32-1/4 H x 20 D

Interior Dimensions

Top Int Dim:
43 W x 42-3/4 H x 15-1/4 D (at opening)
46-1/2 H x 46 H x 15-1/4 D (past opening)

Base Int Dim:
43 W x 24-3/4 H x 18 D (at opening)
46-1/2 W x 27-1/4 H x 18 D (past opening)

Available Standard Sizes

Base only is available as: CFS80B-Cambridge Flat Screen Console

Shipping Weight

(Shipping weights are only approximations.)

Ships in 3 corrugated cartons (cabinet top-75 lbs, cabinet base-90 lbs, shelves-50 lbs) on 1 wooden pallet (60 lbs).

Unboxed weights: Top 62 lbs, base 78 lbs, shelves 36 lbs.

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